Iris Garden Club of Wakula County, Inc. - Crawfordville


 Jeannie M. Broadhead, President 

55 Isle of Paradise Road

Crawfordville, FL 32327-3621 



The Iris Garden Club has a place for everyone who admires plants in any form, whether it be in a natural setting or a formal garden or a table arrangement of cut flowers and greenery. We assign each club member to a committee to encourage social interaction and bonding with other members, but committee participation is not mandatory. WE welcome and appreciate members who simply want to enjoy the program speakers or social time with other plant lovers.


Despite the fact that we like to just have gardening fun, this past year the Iris Garden Club had a number of successful work projects and we incorporated the Club after more than 25 years as an association.


Traditionally, Iris has taken on the responsibility of landscaping and maintaining the grounds at the CountyLibrary. With new construction, imminent at the libraty, Iris members began work to relocate plants as needed and became active in meetings with the architect to preserve as much green space as possible around the new construction.


Iris club members also plant wildflowers along the local state trail (St. Marks Trail), sponsor Fun with Flowers programs, landscape for Habitat for Humanityh, sponsor and teach in four gardens at the Coast Charter School in St. Marks, and raise funds each year with a plant sale extravaganza, a bake sale, and a raffle to pay for student scholarships to Wekiva and Seek. We also arrange Arbor Day celebrations and plant butterfly gardens in public areas within the community, and currently they are completing the revision of the "Wakulla Gardening Book", a book of gardening advice geared to the soils and weather conditions in WakullaCounty.


This year we hope to find a historic garden project that we can all get excited about! In the meantime, we'll be enjoying fun and informative programs and trying to certify more yards in WakullaCounty as "Backyard Wildlife Habitat Sites".


If you are in our area, please join us as we recreate and educate in the Wilds of Wekulla.





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